30 Questions with Jay By @goalstogetglowing

Jknauer aka Jay aka HonestlySkin is a witty, genuine and active member of Instagram’s skincare community. And now he has started a blog…which you obviously know if you are reading this… But what do we REALLY know about Jay? Other than he is a man, that is. 🙂

So pull up a chair and grab a drink as we play 30 questions with Jay.

First, let’s get to know the man outside of the context of skincare. Who is Jay, honestly?

1. Name three adjectives to describe yourself. Unusual, sarcastic and trustworthy. 
2. What is your worst personality trait? I have a tendency to interrupt people. 
3. What are your top 3 most used emojis? There’s 7 🙈😂🤔🙄💦💎🍆 
4. What do you do for your day job? I am a Chef and an event planner/caterer. I am Considering going back to school and studying Esthetician — Commercial Services (A.A. Degree). 
5. What is guaranteed to make you smile? Inappropriate humor and my nephew. 
6. What is a pet peeve of yours? Ignorance. 
7. What is one of your bad habits? I’ve battled nicotine off and on since I was 19, one of the reasons I take extra care of my skin, and eating in bed. 
8. Name something that few people know about you. I am quite shy and suffer from anxiety and mild depression. 
9. Post the last picture you took on your phone (no cheating!)


Was testing the pH of Sunday Riley products.

Ok now let’s move on to the topic at hand… SKINCARE!

 10. What is your skin type and skin concerns? Acneic Combo. 
11. Since this is a skincare blog, what is your skincare philosophy? Its Pretty straightforward, I strive to find effective, properly formulated products, containing quality ingredients from ethical companies.
12. Why did you choose the name “HonestlySkin” for your blog? Honestly(Lol) It just came to me one day and was shocked Jessica Alba hadn’t purchased the domain. Even after crowdsourcing a name, this was what resonated with me. So I went with my gut.
13. When did you start caring about skin? Do you remember the first “real” skincare product you purchased? (meaning, other than the God awful products we were all using as teenagers) First, as a teenager, because of acne. Then my passion got serious in my early twenties when I started educating myself on ingredients. The first good products I bought were from Murad.
14. Speaking of awful products, what is your biggest skincare regret? Product wise: Proactiv and Beenigma. Additionally, I regret being unaware of how to properly use prescription retinoids as a teenagere E.g., moisturizing even though you had acne and oily skin. 

15. What category of products gets you the most and least excited?Most: Acids/Sera
Least: SPF
16. What ingredient (or two) always grabs your attention in a good way?
Aloe vera in place of water as a product base, and peptides, they fascinate me.
17. What ingredients don’t play well with your skin? Strong Vitamin C, Lavender Oil, and Shea Butter  
18. What is a skincare tip that you love? “Listen to your skin” I live by this
19. Favorite skincare brand? (You are allowed TWO honorable mentions) Impossible to answer! Currently Deciem, Jordan Samuel Skin and Josh Rosebrook
20. What product is currently on the top of your wishlist? Skin Owl Eye + and Josh Rosebrook Occulus Formula
21. Who has taught you the most about skincare? The Internet, Self Education through passion, Caroline Hirons, Dr. Sam Bunting, Marco Lenz and Paula Begoun/Beautypedia(with a grain of salt)
22. Why is Goalstogetglowing the most awesome person ever? 😉 Because she is a genuinely great human being, PR person, and fellow product research nerd. 
23. Who is the first person you followed on Instagram? (no cheating!) Sweet_bby_james (a childhood friend)
24. What is the most expensive skincare product you own and was it worth it?

Copper Amino Isolate Serum, Baby Facial, and Votary Super Seed Facial Oil…and YESit was of course worth it.!

 Now let’s wrap this up with a lightening round.

25. Night routine or morning routine? Night
26. Regular mask or sheet mask? Regular, I like painting my face with them.
27. To pop or not to pop (a pimple)? Pop responsibly 🙂
28. BHA or AHA? Both!
29. Ninjas or pirates? Pirates

 30. And because I ask the questions that really matter…it’s not a question but a more of a challenge. The final challenge is to type your first name and meme into a search engine and post the image.


Well, that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Jay as much as I did. 🙂  The rebirth of Jknauer to HonestlySkin has begun and I, for one, am very excited to see what he has in store.

Hope you like the “interview”! 🙂

-Vanessa @goalstogetglowing



3 thoughts on “30 Questions with Jay By @goalstogetglowing

  1. Me as well with the cigarettes; I’m absolutely convinced they’re a direct result of having marionette lines. Cool- now I know 30 more things about you 😉


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