DIY Matcha, Aloe, Green Clay and Honey Mask

I love doing DIY skincare experiments, and this is my latest concoction. I’ve created a minimal ingredient, maximum efficacy mask that is soothing, purifying, moisturizing and packed with antioxidants. Many people I find are hesitant to do a DIY skincare project. If you’re one of those people or are new to DIY and want to dip your toes into DIY skincare, I recommend starting with a mask. Most mask ingredients are readily accessible and can often be created with some ingredients you probably already have on hand. If you don’t have the ingredients already, now thanks to the internet and Amazon your only a few clicks away from the items that you’ll need. As much as I like to buy face masks, I often am dismayed by the cost in comparison to how cheap most mask ingredients are. For example, most clay masks are Kaolin based, Kaolin is CHEAP, and usually clay masks are exorbitantly priced for what they are. Many masks on the market often contain various fillers, slip agents, preservatives and artificial fragrance. We already apply so many chemicals in skincare to our faces daily so making your mask is a nice way to get pure ingredients onto the skin. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to make my Matcha, Aloe, Green Clay and Honey Mask. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to make my Matcha, Aloe, Green Clay and Honey Mask.
Ingredients you’ll need:
– 1 Tbsp Green Clay Powder or your favorite clay( I use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay *Affiliate Link

– 1/2 Tbsp Organic Raw Honey or Manuka Honey (Not honey from a cute little bear:) it has to be raw to be beneficial to the skin) *Note: Trader Joes has extremely affordable Raw Honey and the best deal you’ll find on Manuka Honey

– 1 Tsp Raw Aloe Vera Plant or Facial Grade Aloe(None of that nuclear green Sh*t) I cut a piece of aloe filet down the middle and scrape out all of the gelatinous goo with the back of a knife. *If I don’t use raw Aloe, I use Seven Minerals Aloe Vera GEL – 99% Organic, 12 oz *Affiliate Link

1/2 Tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder  *I use MatchaDNA Organic Powdered Matcha Green Tea, 10 Ounce *Affiliate Link

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
Slather or paint the mask onto your face. I like to use a silicone mask brush, but a flat foundation brush works just as well. Leave mask on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse your face to remove mask and pat dry.

*This post does contain Amazon Affiliate links. You are by no means obligated to buy through them, but if you’d like too, I appreciate that.

3 thoughts on “DIY Matcha, Aloe, Green Clay and Honey Mask

  1. I love DIY’s! The mask looks great & I’ll be trying it this weekend. I like to use George’s 100% aloe vera (it has a water consistency) & Wedderspoon Mauka honey. I 💚💚💚 DIYs, as you know what you’re putting on is 100% natural AND beneficial! Keep bringing the DIYs!


  2. I just made this mask and I have to say i loved it! right away my pores seemed so cleaned… Will definitely be doing a twice a month …Thank You? I love DIYs


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