Love Letter to La Roche Posay Serozinc

Oh Serozinc, so simple yet so effective and until now, so annoying to obtain. I’m ecstatic that I can now get Serozinc on Amazon, previously it was only available in the states via the La Roche Posay website. I was first turned on to Serozinc by Lady Hirons, and ever since then, I have been ordering them three at a time directly from LRP as to get free shipping and never run out of this soothing gem of a product. This soothing salt water and zinc sulfate spray is the epitome of “less is more.”

La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray can help purify your blemish-prone, troublesome skin. Serozinc; a toning mist enriched with zinc sulphate.
Serozinc is created with just three ingredients: water, healing zinc sulphate (0.10%) and astringent sodium chloride (0.75%). Together, these three ingredients target blemishes, marks, redness and excess oiliness, ensuring your complexion feels fresh and comfortable at any time of day.

The versatile formula is perfect for use as a toner between cleansing and moisturizing, or it can be utilized at any time of day to refresh and treat your skin. It’s a straightforward and efficient solution to help mattify oily skin, prevent excess shine and tighten the appearance of pores.
I use Serozinc for so many things. I use it as described by La Roche Posay as well as on patches of eczema that I get on my hands and arms, cuts, burns, redness and even on my nephew’s butt during diaper changes. I often apply this while I’m working if I get shiny, after an application of an acid toner to neutralize the acid and before using a retinoid. The uses for this soothing spray are limitless. So in short, if anything on your bod is irritated and needs to be soothed, spray Serozinc on it. I use it the way Windex was used in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”
Serozinc is available on Amazon and available for Prime shipping.
Final thoughts, this is a product that should be in every home!

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