Glow Routine

6.16.18 Evening Routine


Cleanse: Sunday Riley When the humidity starts to rise…Ceramic Slip comes out to play. Just finished a full size, almost done with this travel and have a unopened Full size ready to go


Essence: it Cosmetics Miracle Water

I love this stuff. Just finished a full size. The ONLY micellar water I’ll ACTUALLY cleanse with, specifically in the morning. *I’ve been washing my face less in the A.M. with results. It even has a scant amount of retinol. Downside? Price! at least it’s a huge bottle.


Treatment #1

SR CEO Rapid Flash Serum

I enjoyed this amlost immediately. The formula initially seemed rather basic. My mistake! Longer lists of fancy patented ingredients and extracts can often underperform or even irritate. After 2 or so uses I realized that Sunday has created a formula that hightligts a handful of star Ingredients that each tackle a specific target and even better they seem deliver quick results. My nose pores appear smaller and skin smoother, definitely delivers the C benefits, definitely evens and brightens my tone. You have to apply this quick or the beeswax sets in and it can prove a bit tough to finish blending, once it does it gives a nice smoothing effect for me. I can see the beeswax being an issue for some and then there’s the orange peel oil. For me it’s simply unnecessary.That being said it’s no deal breaker and I’m definitely in to it.


Treatment #2

Not gonna beat a dead horse with Good Genes praise. Fanfare…drums….HG…never be without! I am however intrigued that Sunday encourages using Good Genes on top of CEO Rapid Flash. I’ve tried, I liked, so I’m doing it again. I also used per her reco with retinol


Eyes: Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm

Just opened. Seems nice. New to Algenist. Intrigued by the 3-0-c serum and lip collagen amongst others.

▪️Oil: Maracuja Gold*

A moment of me eating Crow. I’m into gold! Well…a little gold. My skin loves this oil. My whole bod does. The balm is Fab too. Thanks so much to lovely team at tarte cosmetics. What’s a dude #tartlette? #tarteman *gifted

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