Awake Beauty Japan

Awake Skincare Japan

“Beauty sleep in a bottle”

The very generous and kind team @tartecosmetics reached out to me regarding a sister brand named Awake. I enjoy tarte and gladly replied “Yes🙋🏼‍♂️” Awake is a “cult classic Japanese Skincare brand” that is now entering the US market. Awake promises powerful botanical formulas that “Work In a New York minute”. I was sent 3 products to try.

Starting with what I find to be the most unique product.

💁🏼‍♂️ Balance Shot Antioxidant Concentrate $38

This is a tri-layer toner/essence that infuses skin with antioxidants from a layer plant oils, a layer of flower waters and a layer of Cotton and hemp powders(These per my inquiry with tarte are derived from and listed as cellulose). This is a bizarre texture when dispensed it makes almost oil and water beads beads encompassing the powders. I do feel these powders mixed with the flower water and oils provide a nice non drying, oil controlling effect…NOT Matte…but less oily! I’m going to see how this compares to my @sundayriley Martian *Contains Alcohol and fragrance (light citrus, alcohol)

Second on the list

💁🏼‍♂️ Ray of Bright Moisturizer $26

This is a lightweight, lightly scented opalescent moisturizer(wish it was SPF) but I understand that this is more of a cosmetic illusion to make you look brighter and more awake than it is skincare I say This active ingredients are all listed towards the bottom of the incl list in a small concentrations. This is excellently executed radiance. No glitter or noticeable shimmer on my skin tone. It comes out white and as you blend has a peachy pinky opalescent hue to it👍🏻

And lastly

💁🏼‍♂️Gelactic Dreams Face Mask $38

This may be different than what many others will post. This MUST be applied hours before bed or it’s straight up greasy!

No other way around it. I wasn’t going to mention this, as I find it subpar in the adherence department that warrants the name “overnight sleep mask”. Laneige sleep masks beta glucan wrapping technology is a perfect example of how a overnight mask should seal onto your skin. I am still mentioning this product because if it is applied well before being horizontal, it will set enough and provide you with nice plump skin in the morning.

Overall I think these are nice products at a reasonable price point for people that are not into crazy actives or lengthy routines. I think awake is positioning them selves to be a Japanese a la Glossier type of vibe. I look forward to trying more from the range. I thank awake and tarte for the opportunity to try these💛

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