🔥New launch🔥

🐝 Honeymoon Glow*

Just a while back I remembered thinking to myself “I wonder when farmacy will release and acid or retinoid?🤔” Wish granted🙆🏼‍♂️

🐝 10% AHA Blend

lactic, glycolic, citric

🐝 1% BHA Blend from Willow Bark

🐝 3% Gentle Flower Acids

🐝 Hydrating 🍯 and Hyaluronic Acid👍🏼

Solid price point at $58 for 1oz

Seems to be taking direct aim at another fave of mine @drunkelephant TLC Frammboise and possibly a pass at grabbing some of the Holy Grail @sundayriley Good Genese. This could be a good option to try if the pricepoint of SR or DE is beyond your wallets comfort. Looking forward to testing. Thanks to the Farmacy Social team💛🐝💛🐝

Honeymoon Glow is available on farmacy.com on August 20th and Sephora August 24th


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